Investment Process

Investment Process

Our investment process combines rigour and flexibility to provide stable management over time, and can be quickly adapted in step with market opportunities.

The Investment Committee headed by our Chief Investment Officer determines the Bank’s investment policy, which is reflected in the management of our mandates and which is readily available for clients to review in our quarterly publications.

To achieve our two-fold asset management objectives (wealth preservation and growth), our management process is based on four main approaches:

Macroeconomic analysis: Our analysis initially uses macro-economic factors to assess the situation in real economies and financial markets. This analysis enables us to put together a strategic allocation which remains stable over time, changing only if there are major shifts in our assessments and expectations.

Technical analysis: We then use tools to analyze market trends (over the long and short term) and identify shorter-term investment themes in order to determine a tactical allocation. The main aim is to take advantage of market opportunities identified by our analysts or to lead the management team to reduce risks on a timely basis (partial portfolio hedging).

These analyses also allow us to generate one-off investment ideas based on concrete opportunities provided by the markets, which are distributed to our clients.

Open architecture: As part of an open-architecture environment, a dedicated team focuses on choosing the instruments we consider best-suited to implementing our investment ideas. Our clients therefore have access to a range of bonds, equities, funds and other instruments, which are regularly reviewed by our experts.

Risk management: At CBH we believe that risk analysis should be fully integrated in the management process. This puts us in a position to respond immediately to market movements and new information flows and thereby to quickly adapt our portfolios to reduce the negative impact of extreme market movements, insofar as is possible.