CBH Online

CBH Online

The CBH E-banking Solution to stay connected with your Bank.

CBH Online gives you the opportunity to easily access your financial information at any time.

CBH Online

Intuitive and simple navigation

  • Access to all the information you need with a simple menu
  • Connection from any possible device

Global overview of your assets

  • Improved dashboard with an overall view
  • View and analyze the portfolio performance

Easy-to-use payment

  • Manage your own payments
  • Set up your regular payments for a quick execution

Trading access

  • Place securities’ orders
  • View and follow up all your investment orders


  • Secured communication channel directly with your Relationship Manager
  • Access to all your correspondence in electronic form


  • Secure login option with best-in-class solutions
  • Various connection methods to meet the requirements of our clients


  • Live support from our specialists
  • User guides are available from the Relationship Managers