Payment Cards

CBH, in collaboration with VISA, provides you with a variety of cards, from prepaid to credit cards, including competitive rates and valuable benefits

As a CBH Client, you get much more than a wealth manager—we become your day-to-day bank. As a card issuer, we offer you credit cards and prepaid cards in order to grant you more speed and flexibility with your payments.

We offer a broad range of  Visa cards to cover a wide variety of services tailored to your daily needs and transactions.

You can choose from our prepaid cards in order to maintain flexibility and control over your spending, or opt for credit cards where you can control the ceiling at any time through your dedicated Helveticard app available on iOs and Android.

You choose between several different forms of comprehensive insurance cover and other benefits through our partnerships and concierge services.

For more information, please consult our General Terms & Conditions and our General Terms & Conditions for Visa Prepaid.