A wide range of services

A wide range of services

CBH Bank offers a wide range of services aimed at Financial Intermediaries and their clients.

Tailor-made IT system

CBH gives you access to a secure e-Banking solution created especially for you. This platform is linked to the Bank’s IT system. It enables you to monitor and manage your clients’ portfolio. You’ll be able to accomplish various tasks such as to place securities and fiduciary orders, to make payments, to print statements.

Direct access to trading desk

You have a direct access to the Trading desk. The desk is open during European and US markets hours. An efficient and swift trade through “Best execution” principle on all international financial instruments is ensured.

CBH Advisory services

The Relationship Manager will provide you with any service that you may need. He will give you full access to most of our Bank’s services, such as our Investment advisory team, CBH financial research and our Tax and Legal advisory service.

Your Relationship Manager will also keep you informed on a regular basis on events of any topic or change of regulations and laws that you are interested in.

Private Label Fund

A private label fund is an investment fund designed according to your wishes. We offer a comprehensive service, starting with the design of a solution to the creation of the fund and its operational management. We advise you with the choice of fund jurisdiction, fund type and tax and legal aspects of the fund which will meet your individual needs.