Investment Advisory

Investment Advisory

For experienced clients who are more familiar with the workings of the market and wish to steer the overall allocation of their portfolio directly.

Our Bank offers direct access to our advisors and experts. This allows you to discuss investment opportunities with our specialists but it is you who will take the final decision on your investments.

With our Advisory mandate you get preferred access to our experts to discuss and analyze various investment opportunities. A team of advisors will be at your disposal to support you in your asset management choices and answer your questions. You can also request analyses of your portfolio to make it easier to understand and identify the risks involved.

The Advisory mandate also gives you direct access to our execution desk so that you are as close as possible to financial markets. This enables you to get direct prices, explore the market in depth across your investment universe, and access our financial research.

Our Key Services

  • Create with your Advisor a personalized portfolio with a diversified asset allocation
  • Receive our investment research and recommendations
  • Be advised in all financial decisions by our team of specialists
  • Be supported in the performance follow-up as well as in the risk management
  • Have access to our investment service mandate
  • Have a direct access to our Trading desk